Mr. & Mrs. Shultz

Lindsay and Adam are married! They tied the knot during an intimate and joyful ceremony at The Carriage Lane Inn in Murfreesboro, TN! Lindsay and Adam put together a beautiful wedding full of all of the important things: friends, family, love, and laughter. The entire day buzzed with how much everyone involved loves these two to pieces. I haven’t known Adam for very long, but I can easily say that Lindsay is the kindest and most generous person you will ever meet. She might tell some pretty inappropriate jokes but she’s got a heart of solid gold. So it’s no surprise that it was such a wonderful and joyous day.

I think one of my favorite parts of the day was the time we set aside for mother and daughter photos. There’s something so special about the connection those two have. I may or may not have teared up a time or two going through those photos. I’m so happy that Corinne will have these special photos with her mother for many years to come.

My second favorite part of the day had to be the way that Adam looks at Lindsay. You’ll see for yourself below just how he looks at her. He looks at her  with a hint of mischief and as though she’s the best thing he’s ever seen in the entire world.

While photographing the maid of honor speech my camera started fogging up. Eventually I realized it was just me crying! It was hands down one of the best and most heartfelt speeches I’ve ever heard delivered at a wedding. Which just drove home even further how much love surrounds this family.

Please join me in congratulating Lindsay and Adam as they begin the  rest of their lives together as Mr. and Mrs. Schultz!

Warmest Wishes,














Cara & Povilas Are Engaged!


Cara and Povilas are engaged! During college, Cara ended up in Lithuania for a study abroad program. She was originally supposed to come back after a year but she met Povilas and decided to stay. So it’s only fitting that he proposed to her on graduation day. They are only state-side for a few weeks to celebrate the holidays with family, so I was extremely honored when they decided they needed engagement photos with me before returning to Europe in January!

They’ve got an exciting 2017 ahead of them with Povilas graduating in the spring and planning their destination wedding! Please join me in congratulating these two as they begin this next adventure!

Warmest Wishes,




Christina & Josh!


Josh and Christina got married! (If you didn’t get a chance to see their engagement photos featuring their adorable Dalmation Jewels you can see those here.) Josh and Christina put together such a beautiful wedding with the richest swoon worthy fall colors and details. The ceremony was short and sweet with a lovely bubble filled exit. Not to mention the roses that Christina loved at the Hermitage Golf Course were still blooming!

When I met with Josh and Christina earlier this year to discuss their wedding they told me they wanted the focus of the day to be on their friends and family. They had a lot of people so excited about their wedding that they traveled all the way from Chicago to attend! The reception did not disappoint and the bridal party danced until the venue closed.

Christina was stunning in her absolutely gorgeous dress. Watching her keep it fluffed all day was adorable and entertaining at the same time. Please join me in congratulating Mr. and Mrs. Del Rosario!

Warmest Wishes







Heather & Alan Got Married!

I can’t tell you about Heather & Alan’s wedding, without telling you how they started dating. I had the rare privilege of being friends with Heather and Alan separately before they were together. One day, at a group dinner I saw the way Alan was looking at Heather and I knew immediately he was head over heels. A few weeks later, I met Heather for dinner and casually asked how things were going with Alan. She paused and said, “You’re the second person this week that thinks I’m dating Alan, so I’m starting to think it might be true.” The rest is history, really.

A running theme in Heather and Alan’s relationship is that they call each other “hobbit” and “giant” because there’s a slightly, barely noticeable height difference between them. Naturally, their wedding details had recurring Lord of The Rings references that came together for a beautiful woodsy fantasy feel on their wedding day.

In addition to Lord of The Rings, Heather and Alan are huge fans of Settlers of Catan, a widely popular board game consisting of brick, wheat, sheep, wood, and oar. The Hermitage Golf Course has sheep on the grounds and they were more than happy to accommodate for some Settlers of Catan themed photos. The staff at the Hermitage Golf Course is beyond amazing. They really went above and beyond throughout the entire day to make sure everything went smoothly for the bride and groom. Jessica Winn was a wonderful second shooter and I was so glad to have her shooting with me!

Heather stunned everyone as a gorgeous bride and Alan melted hearts when he teared up during his vows. The speeches were heartfelt. The dancing was enthusiastic. The day was beautiful. Please join me in congratulating Heather and Alan as they embark on a new chapter in their adventure.

Warmest Wishes,













Mr. & Mrs. Dugger, Part 2!

In case you haven’t seen the first part of Carly & Kyle’s wedding weekend in Mexico, check it out here.

I’m so happy to finally be sharing the photos from this beautiful ceremony and reception! Carly and Kyle didn’t do a first look, which means the first time Kyle saw his bride on their wedding day was as she was coming down the aisle. To call his reaction priceless would be an understatement. To add to the adorableness, once Carly actually reached the end of the aisle Kyle whispered , “That’s just not fair.” The ceremony was so sweet and they wrote their own vows!

The reception was full of heartfelt speeches and it was clear just how excited everyone was to see these two start this chapter of their lives. Also, SO MUCH DANCING!

I’m so excited for Carly & Kyle and everything the future has in store for these two ridiculously sweet and kind people. Thank you so much for letting me be part of such an important day!

Warmest Wishes,









Mr. & Mrs. Dugger, Part 1!

Last fall I had the pleasure of doing Carly & Kyle’s engagement photos. If you haven’t seen them yet, check out their downtown Nashville pics here. I was so honored when we had so much fun together that they asked me to fly to Mexico with them to shoot their destination beach wedding!

Because Carly is a crazy (I mean special!) woman, she decided to also throw Kyle a surprise 30th birthday party a few months early on their first night at the resort. How she managed to throw a geek themed surprise party under the radar of an international wedding, I’ll never truly understand. (Thankfully, for my own sanity I don’t have to). The night consisted of partying, a fancy crown custom made for Kyle, karaoke, and Kyle-themed trivia! Little did Carly know, Kyle would go on to wear that crown for most of the wedding day! I’m amazed he didn’t end up with tan lines from that thing…

It was so amazing to see the way everyone involved was full of excitement and joy about seeing these two become husband and wife! The bridesmaids were hilarious and enjoyed reading some interesting spanish wedding tips to the bride while she got her makeup done. I didn’t get to spend much time with the groom and groomsmen because I let the wonderful second shooter cover the guys all day, but based on the photos it looks like they had a fun day too. You can check out the wonderful Aubrey and more of her work over here.

Carly and her mother shared such a beautiful moment before the ceremony. I may or may not have teared up in the moment and also later on going through the photos. Don’t judge me. Carly’s mom gave her a monogrammed hand mirror (with Carly’s NEW initials). Collective “awwwwwwww!” As if that moment wasn’t touching enough, it turns out that Carly’s grandmother gave Carly’s mother the exact same gift on her wedding day! I’m not crying,  YOU’RE crying!

I hope you enjoy the previews of the wedding festivities leading up to the ceremony! In a few weeks, I’ll be posting previews of the ceremony and reception. You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen these dance moves…

Warmest Wishes,







The Wade Family!

Last Christmas, Chawn contacted me about gifting a three generation family photo session to the grandparents in the family. I was so excited because for starters, on the phone Chawn was one of the nicest people I think I’ve ever spoken to. Also because it’s just such a sweet idea. What grandparent doesn’t just love photos of their family?!

Coordinating three different families in three different cities took us…a little bit…to coordinate but we did it and it was so worth it in the end! I can’t even begin to tell you how funny/goofy/hilarious/sweet this family is. There’s so much love and everyone just seemed to be enjoying the company. Well, almost everyone was having fun 😉 It’s always so much fun when I get to spend an afternoon with a family that adores each other and has such great bonds.

Little Vivian was the best helper. She did all of my counting to three for me. I mean, that’s basically half of the work right there and she was a whole lot cuter than when I count to three!

As if doing three generations in one photo wasn’t cool enough, we did the session at their beautiful historic family home north of Nashville. I just love everything about it!

Thank you again to the Wade family for choosing me to document your wonderful family!

Warmest Wishes,